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A TOUCH OF ROMANCE IN YOUR HOME Agnese, with its rounded lines and simple elegance, brings a touch of romanticism to your home. It shows that the secret of beauty is not the complexity of the design, but the fact it has been created with love. Read more >
LESS CLUTTER AND MORE DESIGN WITH THIS CORNER STOVE Giotto is a corner insert stove which comes with a hood and a base. The stove’s square design allows you to add your choice of fi nish. Read more >
THE TRANSPARENCY OF BEING Slim stove with coloured glass front and depth of only 25 cm, capacity 11 kW. Two supplementary kits are available: one for ducting the air into an adjacent room, and the other for hanging the stove on a wall. Read more >
A WARM EMBRACE The essential line of this stove, together with the opaque and rough colours of its front mantelpiece make it possible to position it in any kind of room. Among its main features are its reduced depth measures and its compactness. Read more >
MOMENTS TO BE FRAMED With Andrea we have created a new compact component guaranteeing a practical solution which allows the stove to be kindled even when it is already turned on (by means of a front extractable drawer). Read more >
A LOVE FOR HOT ENVIRONMENTS The Leonardo still gives a capacity of 11 kW but we have managed to reduce its dimensions, both in height and depth, and fi tted sliding rails for easy pellet loading. Read more >
HEATING THE HOME WITH A TOUCH OF ART Available in four models giving 15/18/24/27 kW; minimalist lines and a curved front make the stove an integral element of decor. Read more >
THE TRADITION OF HEAT The heat that comes from a wood stove is special because it is natural and environmentally friendly and, at the same time, it recalls that sense of familiarity and hospitality that is typical of traditional hearths Read more >
MULTIFUNCTIONAL HEAT Eva Calòr heating stoves are designed to perform multiple functions at the same time: they allow you to cook, heat the surrounding environment. Read more >
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The stove of high quality Italian

An italian made

The company Eva Stampaggi with its brand Eva Calòr, produces in its factories a full line of products for the heat production.

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Ecological heat

Thanks to his ecological nature, Eva Calòr heats the environment where you live in a eco-friendly manner. Stoves burns wood or pellets, a ecological fuel.

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Safe Heat

All our stove install a safety thermostat for guarantee more reliability. There’s the possibility of having them whit a remote control which is provided like optional.

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You will find a complete list of our Pellet stoves, organized by product lines and technical details.

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Download to your computer the latest manuals of our stoves and inserts in PDF format .

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