Products concept

Eva Calòr produces a complete range of heat generation systems on its own premises. Line production, using numerically-controlled machinery, is overseen by highly experienced staff. This guarantees excellent and certified quality, resulting in stoves which are extremely reliable and noiseless. Eva Calòr produces stoves to order, modifying features and finishes to suit the tastes and requirements of clients. Eva Calòr offers clients quality, flexibility and competitiveness: three increasingly important criteria in a constantly changing market.

Safe purchases

Eva Stampaggi S.r.l. does not sell online and does not sell its products to the public.
Lately there are many websites that offer pellet products, including ours, but they are often not our dealers, many are not even our customers and sometimes they are actually fraudulent websites.
Eva Stampaggi S.r.l. shall not be held responsible for mistakes, violations and incorrect contents on websites; please also check if the dealer is able to provide adequate technical assistance.
Eva Stampaggi S.r.l. indeed declines all liability for purchases made from online dealers that cannot guarantee technical assistance for non-compliant installations or installations performed by unqualified staff and please note that, throughout the warranty period, the consumer must contact their dealer for every need, even for a lack of conformity of the product, because the dealer is the only person responsible (by contract).