The advantages of wood stoves

Many factors contribute to making wood an increasingly advantageous choice of fuel. Some are linked to the very nature of the raw material, others to the techniques used to increase energy output. Wood is a 100% renewable energy resource, and burning it does not increase the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is easy to obtain and does not require any processing before use. It also has a low cost that does not fluctuate over time, and it gives out a natural flame. Eva Calòr has created stoves that, thanks to their specific technical features, allow you to take full advantage of these qualities of the raw material. For example, the combustion chamber is hermetically sealed, which stops oxygen from the surrounding environment from being taken in, while the triple combustion significantly reduces fuel consumption. In addition, wood stoves provide other benefits: they maintain a constant humidity level in the surrounding environment, they do not require electricity to operate, and they require very little maintenance.