Coating with front steel grille
Forced ventilation
5 operating power levels
Menu display in 6 languages
Cast iron combustion chamber
Removable handle
Side - rear smoke extraction
Safety thermostat
Suitable for external thermostat
Safety Manostat
Timer Thermostat

Total heat output: max 7,5 kW - min 3,4 kW
Nominal heat output: max 6,5 kW - min 3,0 kW
Energy efficiency class: A+
Efficiency: Pmax 88,5% – Pmin 90,5%
CO emission at 13% O2: Pmax 0,010% - Pmin 0,028%
Pellet consumption: max 1,6 kg/h – min 0,7 kg/h
Reservoir capacity: 12 kg
Heatable room volume: 70 – 160 mc
Minimum distances from flammable walls: side: 30 cm - back: 20 cm - front side: 100 cm
Voltage / Frequency: 230 V / 50 Hz
Rated input power: 360 W
Dimension: L 65,5 x P 26,1 x H 103,9 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Cast iron combustion chamber
Stainless steel brazier
Complies with: EN14785 - BImSchV II - 15a B-VG - LRV/VKF
Fume outlet: Rear - Lateral
Remote control: Optional
WIFI module for remote control: Optional
Platforms for protection: Optional





Certified and tested product.


This product complies with the most restrictive rules on environmnental standards and it has been awarded with 4 stars.


The SHU symbol indicates that the stove is equipped with a removable handle. This is a security feature to avoid accidental and/or involuntary opening of the fire door.


Module for remote control, it can be installed during post-sales.

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